Rochdale MUSIC Society

JUNE 2022
Looking ahead to some splendid music-making in Rochdale Borough.


for our Autumn Series concerts in St. Michael's Church, Bamford: 

Indivdual tickets can be reserved in advance by telephoning Graham on 01706 642139  between 10.00am and 8.00pm on any weekday except Wednesday. Pleased try to avoid weekends.  You can also use our email service: info@rochdalemusicsocietyorg. Reserved tickets should be paid for in cash or by card at the door before 7.15pm, if possible.

for the Spring Series of concerts in Heywood Civic Centre  should be sought by visiting  the newly rebranded Link4Life. 

Looking towards our first concert of the 2021 - 22 Season, here's the Divertimento for solo Flute from which Meera is gloing ot play extracts.

....... and here are the Bagatelles for Guitar by Walton from which James is going to play excerpts.

For summer listening 2021:

PASTORALE D'ÉTÉ - Honegger, a delicious musical morsel which I hope will tempt you to listen to more of Honegger's much underrated music. - Graham Marshall

JOHN PEACE  A thoughful performance of this classic by one of our artists and a NW orchestra:-

UGNIUS PAULIUKONIS will be playing for us on 6 FEBRUARY 2021.

Here he is playing Debussy: 

HERE'S YOUR OPPORTUNITY  to attend a live concert to be given on Wednesday, 11 November, at 1.00pm.  The Meraki Duo, Meera Maharaj (Fluite) and James Girling (Guitar), is due to perform for us in Heywood Civic Centre on 17 April.

Meera says of it: "It's a South American themed programme and we're premiering a piece written for us by Brazilian composer, Rafael Marino Arcaro. Can't wait to share it with everyone as he really is a brilliant composer. There'll also be some Villa Lobos, as well as music by Bolivian and Argentinian composers. 

It's part of an ongoing series at 1901 Arts Club (set up by my duo partner, Dom Degavino) and the streams have been going well so far!."

Should be great!

Remember LUKA OKROS? HIs brilliant keyboard display this last season will no doubt be experienced again next season - in May 2020.

3. LUKA OKROS introduces the 6 Musical Moments Op 16 by Rachmaninov

4. THE OLDHAM BAND (LEES) opened our 40th Anniversary Season with a flourish of brass in October 2019. You can catch up with them here :

THE MERAKI DUO will be presenting a rich mixture of musical styles in June 2021, including this ........

SVETA and SLAVA  Piano and Flute Duo are watching over you......


Here's a sample of what it could sound like............

From LANDSCAPES OF ROCHDALE by Graham Marshall 

2. Healey Dell and Rooley Moor

THE PERPETUAL MARTYS for String Quartet by Graham Marshall


A TASTER for the Pelléas Ensemble concert