Remember LUKA OKROS? HIs brilliant keyboard display this last season will no doubt be experienced again next season - in May 2020.

THE MERAKI DUO will be presenting a rich mixture of musical styles in June 2021, including this ........

SVETA and SLAVA are watching over you......


Here's a sample of what it could sound like............

From LANDSCAPES OF ROCHDALE by Graham Marshall 

2. Healey Dell and Rooley Moor

THE PERPETUAL MARTYS for String Quartet by Graham Marshall


A TASTER for the PellĂ©as Ensemble concert in March 2020:

1. ELOI   a Meditation on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ  by Graham Marshall played on the organ of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral by Richard Lea with background Narration by the composer

2. SQUIRRELS RUN ALONG THE FENCE TOP  by Graham Marshall, played by the FELL CLARINET QUARTET in Heywood Civic Centre

3. LUKA OKROS introduces the 6 Musical Moments Op 16 by Rachmaninov

4. THE OLDHAM BAND (LEES) opened our 40th Anniversary Season with a flourish of brass in October 2019. You can catch up with them here :